Michael Stewart's The Deep Blue Big band Group

The Deep Blue Big Band is one of Chicagoland's newest jazz big bands. Performing updated arrangements of many of the most popular big band standards, this 8-horn, vocalist, and rhythm section ensemble will bring exciting sounds and swingin' soloists to your public or corporate event, private party, wedding reception, or concert. The ensemble will also present new jazz compositions, as well as arrangements of popular songs from the late 1960's through today. We also now have several videos on our website. Whether you want to dance the night away or just listen to great music, this band is for you! 

ALSO!!! If your event or space is a smaller affair or venue, consider hiring us as a small group ranging from a quartet to a septet. Our small groups play selections that are rooted in the traditions of jazz/swing, Latin, and ballad styles. We regularly include songs by the most famous of jazz composers and lyricists, as well as works associated with the great instrumentalists and vocalists. We also play music from the late 60's forward, including "lounge" music and smooth jazz styles.

Group Members
Michael Stewart (Trumpet, Leader), Nick Drozdoff (Trumpet), Chris Joyce (Trumpet), Mike Knauf (Alto & Tenor Saxophone), Dave Creighton (Alto & Tenor Saxophone), Gary Parker (Alto & Tenor Saxophone), Mike Epifano (Trombone), Bill Gilardon (Trombone), Chester Tocha (Guitar), Kent Nicholson (Drums)

Source: http://deepbluetelecom.livejournal.com/2728.html